2011 Montana Student Addy Awards

This year the MSU Graphic Design students dominated the Montana Addy competition receiving 9 Gold awards, 27 Silver awards and one Best of Show. All of the student winners from the state competition will be forwarded to the AAF District Xl Student Addy competition in April where their work will compete with other colleges and universities from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.


Best of Show – Carson Wiser – Craigslist Book


Silver Addy – David Driscoll – Spike Seasoning
Silver Addy – Chad Green – Converse All Star
Silver Addy – Lena Haines – Converse All Star
Silver Addy – Shelby Singleton – Converse All Star
Silver Addy – Brittany Tyler – Verb for Keeping Warm


Silver Addy – Heryford & Pursell & Tyler & Stanick – MOSS Stationery


Gold Addy – Tina Smith – Time 100
Silver Addy – Bret Sander – Time 100

Silver Addy – Nikki Romero – Time 100


Gold Addy – Nicole Simon – Wolfmother
Silver Addy – Haley Connolly – Amadeus
Silver Addy – Lauren Grigsby – Cuckoo’s Nest
Silver Addy – Mahalia Pauls – Butch Cassidy
Silver Addy – Dominic Scariano – Rear Window
Silver Addy – Mitchell Williams – Orphans of Madagascar

Gold Addy – Vanessa Swenson – Time Magazine Cover
Silver Addy – Kellee Kackman – Time Magazine Cover

Silver Addy – Jake Sarlo – Time Magazine Cover
Silver Addy – Kylie Walter – Time Magazine Cover

Gold Addy – Carson Wiser – Craigslist Book
Gold Addy – Bret Sander – Book of Amazing Mustaches
Silver Addy – Diana Heryford – Ditches Gullies & Broken Reins
Silver Addy – Kellee Kackman – Lyrics of the Heart
Silver Addy – Nicole Simon – Simon Says

Gold Addy – Krystle Horton & Samantha Delvo – 
Eggo Waffles
Silver Addy – North Bryan & J. Sheehan – Amnesty International
Silver Addy – Samantha Delvo – Not For Sale

Silver Addy – Brian Abbott – Lost Trail Resort
Silver Addy – Shane Johnson - Airstream


Gold Addy – Brittany Constantino – Dog Training Club
Silver Addy – North Bryan – Kettle House Logo


Gold Addy – Shane Johnson – Space is Place
Gold Addy – Teddy Rindos – Portrait Series
Silver Addy – Andrew Lockhart – Portland
Silver Addy – Vanessa Swenson – Iron and Wine Band #1

Silver Addy – Vanessa Swenson – Iron and Wine Band

MSU Students Win Rail Jam Contest

Once again, this year students from Montana State University partnered with Chamberlin Rail Jam to create all the promotional graphics for the event. This will be the second year that seniors in a class called Professional Studio worked as teams to develop marketing concepts for this music and snowboard event.

The winning team of graphic design students included Nikki Simon and Samantha Delvo, both of Billings and Andrew Lockhart from Sandy, Oregon. Together this team of three seniors developed concepts for promotional posters, event tickets, web banner ads, website home page and vehicle wraps. This year’s winning theme depicted a robot rendition of legendary Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe.

This professional student project sponsored by Chamberlin Productions included participation of two upper level undergraduate graphic design classes, taught by Jeffrey Conger and Jason Johnson in the School of Art at MSU. The second place team included Alexa Audet, Emily Newhouse and Miranda McAdams. The third place team included Dominique Fultz, Jenny Keller, Allie Sticka and Gabrielle Althoff.

The Professional Studio class partners students in a think-tank scenario to develop solutions for real world application. To learn more about the upcoming Rail Jam event visit www.therailjam.com.

Minneapolis Stopover.

Hello, this is professor Meta reporting in from a layover I had in Minneapolis. I'm now in Venice, and about to begin teaching the Semester in Italy program with Harvey Hamburgh. On the way I had an 8 hour stopover, so I took the opportunity to check in with Kayla Campbell (BFA, Graphic Design 2010) and get a tour of the CSA design studio where she works. She was also kind enough to pick me up at the airport and drop me off at the Walker Art Center, where Kayla and her compadres at CSA recently had their work exhibited as part of a design show. You can peruse the catalog here. Kayla is doing great and says hello to all of her fellow 2010-grads. Thanks Kayla for the great visit!