Students Win Gold & Silver Addys!

In their second year to enter work in the Montana Addy Awards, MSU Graphic Design students received 5 Gold Addy awards, 30 Silver Addy awards and one Best in Show award. Graphic Design professor Meta Newhouse made the road trip to Great Falls to receive the student accolades and visit with alumni at the award ceremony. All of the student winners will be forwarded to the American Advertising Federation District Xl Student Addy competition held this March in Boise, Idaho, where their work will compete with students from Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Poster Category
Gold - Brianna Fenner - Hamlet
Silver - Rafe Stewart - Suicide Awareness
Silver - Bobby Biskupiak - Suicide Awareness
Silver - Jessi Mullowney - Suicide Awareness
Silver - Eric Carlson - Suicide Awareness
Silver - Ryan Stevens - Suicide Awareness

Interactive Design Category
Gold - Kayla Campbell -
Silver - Kelly McComas -
Silver - Bobby Biskupiak -
Silver - Brianna Fenner -
Silver - Kayla Horn -
Silver - Cheyenne Osmundsen -

Editorial Design Category
Gold - Emily Thompson - Bark Magazine cover
Silver - Patrick Broom - Bark Magazine cover
Silver - Rafe Stewart - Bark Magazine cover
Silver - Sarah Kinney - Bark Magazine cover
Silver - Caitlin Field - Bark Magazine cover
Silver - Bailey Wogrin - Bark Magazine cover
Silver - Kayla Horn - Bark Magazine cover

Logo Category
Silver - Brandon Warner - XL Country
Silver - Jeremy Scott - XL Country
Silver - Cheyenne Osmundsen - XL Country
Silver - Emily Thompson - XL Country
(no Gold awarded)

Collateral Category
Silver - Ben Lardy - stationery system
Silver - Shaun Cok - stationery system
Silver - Heather Landi - stationery system
Silver - Alex Rich - stationery system
Silver - Claire Bischoff - Salvation Army stationery system
(no Gold awarded)

Animation Category
Gold - Rafe Stewart - Good 50x70/Child Labor animation
Silver - Kayla Campbell - Good 50x70/Global Warming animation
Silver - Fletcher Eidum - Good 50x70/Health Care animation
Silver - Sarah Kinney - Good 50x70/Nuclear Emergency animation
Silver - Kayla Horn - Film titles for Everything is Illuminated

Television Category
Gold - Zach McIntosh - MSU School of Art Television Commercial

Best in Show/Student
Zach McIntosh - MSU School of Art Television Commercial

In the Professional Montana Addy competition, Meta Newhouse, Assistant Professor in Graphic Design, picked up a few awards for her professional work as well. She earned a Gold Addy for her logo for The Ellen Theatre; another Gold Addy for an Ellen Theatre ad; a Silver Addy for her website,; and a Silver Addy for her logo for the Montana Center for International Visitors.

Top 30 Announced for the 8th Annual RIDE Snowboard Art Contest and Reception

Four MSU Graphic Design students had their artwork accepted into the TOP 30 for Ride's 8th Annual Snowboard Art Contest! Congratulations go to: Rafe Stewart, Caitlin Field, Sarah Kinney and Virginia Nienaber. Their entries are pictured above, left to right.

Join Ride Snowboards for the 8th Annual Snowboard Art Contest Reception at the Timesinfinity Gallery at evo in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.

Where: 122 Northwest 36th St, Seattle WA 98107
Date: Feb. 12th, 2010
Time: 7:00 -10:00 pm

The top 30 entries will be on display, including the top 7 selected entries in the running for the grand prize of $1000 and a board produced with the winning art. Winners to be announced at the event, art will be featured for the entire month of February.

Patrick Broom's snowboard was also in the TOP 30. He was not notified prior to the Seattle event, but his submission was on display at the Timesinfinity Gallery. Congrats to Patrick!