Good 50x70 Workshop!

Tommaso Minnetti and Pasquale Volpe held their Good 50x70 Poster Workshop on Friday, September 25 and Saturday, September 26 with 30 MSU students at the School of Art. Blitzing through concepts and finished comps in two days, this group worked together to produce poster ideas to help raise awareness about suicide prevention.

Students worked up ideas on paper and presented loose concepts to Tommaso and Pasquale before moving into the production phases of their posters.

Jessie Paluga shows her notebook to Pasquale and Tommaso.

Tommaso and Pasquale take a look at Todd Schilling's concepts.

Good 50x70 in Motion.

Good 50x70's website has posted links to type-in-motion assignments created by MSU Graphic Design Students. Congratulations go to Jeremy Scott, Fletcher Eidum, Sarah Kinney, Kayla Campbell, Cheyenne Osmundsen, Tess Aversen and Rafe Stewart for having their work chosen and exhibited on this international design organization's website. These projects were produced in the Art 366 Intermediate Graphic Design course taught by Assistant Professor, Meta Newhouse. To visit this section on the Good 50x70 site directly, click here.

Good 50x70 Exhibition in Bozeman.

The Good 50x70 Social Communication Project is coming to MSU! The School of Art is sponsoring this amazing international poster exhibition that features work from over 36 different countries and 210 different artists/designers. Meta Newhouse, Assistant Professor in Graphic Design, has a poster in this exhibition. Come out and see it (on the Mall, in the center of Campus) between September 25 – October 8.

Also, there will be a Symposium featuring Tommaso Minnetti and Pasquale Volpe from Good 50x70. They will speak about forming Good, and where they plan to take the organization in the future. It will be held at The Ellen Theatre on Tuesday, September 29 from 5:30-8pm with a reception afterward. They have come all the way from Milan to share their story, so please try to make it.

Both events are free and open to the public. For more on Good 50x70, visit their website: